Careful consideration was given to conceptualising Applegarth and the landscaping to respect its beautiful and natural surroundings, particularly incorporating the natural patterns of wetland and the existing tree lines, such that these were left relatively untouched in the overall design. The layout of plots was carefully considered to allow for the minimum disruption of the existing mature trees and to enjoy the maximum benefit of an internal green space.


Much thought and care has been given to the design of both the hard and soft landscaping to ensure an integration with nature. The flow of paths and roads around Applegarth is seamless and pedestrians are given precedence in the overall design. The landscaping reflects the natural character of Hout Bay while complementing and softening the modern architecture.


The internal green spaces, central to the overall design, incorporate the rehabilitation of a wetland area, many of the mature trees and also includes meandering paths allowing freedom to enjoy the natural surroundings.


Natural mountain colours and textures are reflected in the stone cobbles and natural stone cladding used as feature elements, creating moments of surprise and delight in the development – areas such as the drifts across the seasonal stream, low stone-clad walls and the roadways that split around existing mature trees demonstrate this.


In addition to this the indigenous plant and tree choices,  trees, and their growing forms, have been chosen in keeping with the intended uses of the areas. Street verges will be planted with a variety of plants and trees to give a natural, seasonal quality and the rehabilitated areas will be planted with plants suitable to the re-created conditions.

This approach, the selection of materials, and the choice of planting in the open spaces will give Applegarth a unique and distinctive character.


You can download the full landscaping guideline here


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