The estate entrance and gate house, off Roan Avenue, has been designed with a robust security requirement in mind and will be monitored and manned 24/7. Systems will allow for swift movement in and out of estate whilst maintaining the security integrity of the estate.

High specification electrified security fencing (including fibre optic cabling) 2.5 metres high enclosing an internal security “no-go” zone on the perimeter of the estate which will be monitored around the clock by state- of-the- art thermal imaging cameras.

The cameras are tamper proof and are supported by sophisticated hardware and software, which provides clear, detailed imagery in all weather conditions as well as throughout the night - any activations are identified, analysed and reported on within a matter of seconds by security on-site and also remotely with live, independent off site monitoring by dedicated professionals providing the comfort of an extra layer of security.

Biometric fingerprint access control for residents and scanning of driver’s license/ID’s of contractors and visitors complements the CCTV installation and ensures that access to the development is monitored and recorded.

A vehicle license plate capture recognition system will be installed with infrared camera and software adding a third risk mitigation tier to the security offering.

In addition to the technological components, particular attention has been given to the human element - written procedures and processes which will be entrenched with security personnel and service providers associated with the estate. Estate security personnel will be monitored and measured against industry standard SLA's to ensure the quality of service remains constant and in line with the required standards to ensure a safe estate environment.